Lofty Oaks Memorial Gift Tree Planting

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*Note: If you experience any difficulty with your order, operators are available 24/7 at Toll Free 1.800.533.7554.

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Toll Free Phone: 1-800-533-7554
Toll Free FAX: 1-800-759-6263
Mailing Address: Lofty Oaks
101 Cottage Street
P.O. Box 44
Littleton, NH 03561

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Framed Certificate of Planting for $55.95 (*includes $6.00 for Shipping & Handling)
Unframed Certificate of Planting for $32.95(*includes $3.00 for Shipping & Handling)

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Please note, all memorial plantings include a certificate of planting, sympathy letter and a handwritten card.

Lofty Oaks
101 Cottage Street
P.O. Box 44
Littleton, NH 03561
Tel: 1-800-533-7554 / Fax: 1-800-759-6263